ECS – VOLUME no. 10-11/2001-2002

Reflections on the scientific dialogue

Authors: Alecsandru Puiu Tacu

Pages: 5-11 | Full text (PDF)

Theoretical aspects of the concept of regional disparity and the typology of regional disparities

Authors: Krisztina Melinda Dobay

Pages: 13-19 | Full text (PDF)

The role of contracts in financing decision of the entreprise

Authors: Gheorghe Sandu

Pages: 21-29 | Full text (PDF)

Considerations on the ways of calculating the index of women’s participation in the political, economic and social life

Authors: Alecsandru Puiu Tacu, Ionel Ciprian Alecu

Pages: 31-49 | Full text (PDF)

Free zones – the efficient way of attracting foreign investment

Authors: Marilena Acatrinei

Pages: 51-60 | Full text (PDF)

The evaluation of the piscicultural potential in Romania

Authors: Petru Ivanof

Pages: 61-67 | Full text (PDF)

Determination of optimal ways in fuzzy graphs

Authors: Ovidiu Gherasim

Pages: 69-77 | Full text (PDF)

Solutions in bargaining games

Authors: Mihai Haivas

Pages: 79-84 | Full text (PDF)

The nature and structure of risk factors in tourism

Authors: Ion Talabă

Pages: 85-91 | Full text (PDF)

Structure of the population of Romania according to religion at 1992 and 2002 censuses

Authors: Georgiana Tacu Hârșan

Pages: 93-102 | Full text (PDF)

Considerations on the use of the discriminant analysis in evaluating bankruptcy risk

Authors: Ionel Ciprian Alecu

Pages: 103-111 | Full text (PDF)

The USA experience in organising marketing associations in agriculture

Authors: Krisztina Melinda Dobay

Pages: 113-127 | Full text (PDF)

Short considerations on the number and structure of balneo-climateric resorts in Romania

Authors: Ion Talabă

Pages: 129-136 | Full text (PDF)

Economical size of fishing and pisciculture in Romania

Authors: Petru Ivanof

Pages: 137-141 | Full text (PDF)

Uncertainty modelling by fuzzy numbers

Authors: Ovidiu Gherasim

Pages: 143-152 | Full text (PDF)

Regards about shipboard management

Authors: Adina Puișor

Pages: 153-158 | Full text (PDF)