ECS – VOLUME no. 17/2008

A Romanian centennial price index

Authors: Gheorghe Săvoiu, Constantin Manea, Valeria Pîrlici

Pages: 5-12 | Full text (PDF)

Recent advances in modelling of economic uncertainty

Authors: Hans Schjær-Jacobsen

Pages: 13-38 | Full text (PDF)

The use of fuzzy numbers in evaluating human resources in uncertain circumstances

Authors: Ionel Ciprian Alecu

Pages: 39-50 | Full text (PDF)

Romania’s agriculture on the European market

Authors: Adriana Grigorescu, Emilian M. Dobrescu

Pages: 51-70 | Full text (PDF)

The foreign direct investment flow within the extended EU area

Authors: Gabriela Ciurariu

Pages: 71-76 | Full text (PDF)

Structural mutations in the commercial activity

Authors: Gabriela Boldureanu, Romulus-Cătălin Dămăceanu

Pages: 77-84 | Full text (PDF)

E-management – a promising field

Authors: Roxana Ştefănescu

Pages: 85-90 | Full text (PDF)

Managerial competitiveness and organizations efficiency

Authors: Camelia Băeşu

Pages: 91-96 | Full text (PDF)

Social policies from a community perspective

Authors: Constantin A. Bob, Andreea Săseanu, Adriana Grigorescu

Pages: 97-108 | Full text (PDF)

Demographic behavior of population in Romania

Authors: Daniel Boldureanu, Teodor Păduraru

Pages: 109-116 | Full text (PDF)

Statistical analysis of the religious phenomena in Romania

Authors: Daniel Boldureanu, Gabriela Boldureanu

Pages: 117-124 | Full text (PDF)

Institutional reform of Romania. Case study – MIRA

Authors: Galina Muşat, Constantin Rotaru

Pages: 125-132 | Full text (PDF)

Women labour force emigration and the family crisis

Authors: Maria-Ana Georgescu

Pages: 133-142 | Full text (PDF)

The direct involvement of scientific research in the development of knowledge–based economy

Authors: Camelia Ştefănescu

Pages: 143-152 | Full text (PDF)

The educational offer and enterprising student capacity stimulation

Authors: Gabriela Boldureanu, Teodor Păduraru

Pages: 153-158 | Full text (PDF)

Firm internationalization process

Authors: Camelia Băeşu

Pages: 159-162 | Full text (PDF)

The adjustement of the accounting policies faces bankruptcy risk

Authors: Gabriela Ciurariu

Pages: 163-168 | Full text (PDF)

A multidimensional approach in economy: social capital and its implications

Authors: Cristina Barna

Pages: 169-181 | Full text (PDF)