Volume 12/2003

Selecting the variants for investments under uncertainty conditions

Authors: Marcel STOICA, Elena DOVAL, Carmen ȚURLEA

Pages: 5-10 | Full text (PDF)

Characteristic features of hotel activities

Authors: Valentin NIȚĂ, Sorina CHIPER

Pages: 11-19 | Full text (PDF)

Fuzzy approach to establishing the best decisional alternatives

Author: Ovidiu GHERASIM

Pages: 21-34 | Full text (PDF)

Fuzzy approach to the study of suppliers’ competition

Author: Ovidiu GHERASIM

Pages: 35-45 | Full text (PDF)

Modelling decision-making under uncertainty using the Hurwicz optimality criterion through the CLIPS program

Author: Ciprian Ionel ALECU

Pages: 47-54 | Full text (PDF)

Marketing strategies: An expression of decision-making process

Author: Elena ȘTIRBU

Pages: 55-62 | Full text (PDF)

Cultural tourism and sustainable rural development

Author: Emil FERENȚ

Pages: 67-73 | Full text (PDF)

Profitability and the profitability threshold of free trade zones in Romania

Author: Marilena ACATRINEI

Pages: 75-83 | Full text (PDF)

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Romania: Retrospection and perspectives

Authors: Teodor PĂDURARU, Gabriela VĂLEANU, Ina CROITORU

Pages: 85-96 | Full text (PDF)

About computer privacy and computer fraud in Romania

Author: Adrian MUNTEANU

Pages: 97-102 | Full text (PDF)

Favorable complementarities for the sustainable development of tourism in the Prut crossborder area

Author: Ion TALABĂ

Pages: 103-111 | Full text (PDF)

Dysfunctions and opportunities in tourist cooperation in the Prut crossborder area

Author: Ion TALABĂ

Pages: 113-119 | Full text (PDF)

Institutional complexity after the land reform in Romania

Authors: Krisztina Melinda DOBAY, Rachel SABATES WHEELER

Pages: 121-144 | Full text (PDF)

Credibility and public responsibility in reducing regional disparities

Author: Livia BACIU

Pages: 145-153 | Full text (PDF)

Development strategies of multinational societies

Author: Lucian Ionel IGNAT

Pages: 155-162 | Full text (PDF)