Volume 15/2006

Method for the analysis and forecast of the components’ evolution in an aggregate economic phenomenon using their weights: Application on the exports of EU-15 countries from 1996 to 2005

Authors: Elisabeta JABA, Ciprian Ionel TURTUREAN

Pages: 5-27 | Full text (PDF)

Comparative study on managers’ tolerance for ambiguity

Author: Corneliu MUNTEANU

Pages: 28-41 | Full text (PDF)

Information: The core factor of the economics of knowledge or of IT economics ?

Author: Alexandru TRIFU

Pages: 42-55 | Full text (PDF)

Strategic management of the changes in Romanian companies in view of the European integration

Author: Cătălina LACHE

Pages: 56-69 | Full text (PDF)

Rural development in Hungary before and after the EU accession

Author: Márta STAUDER

Pages: 70-81 | Full text (PDF)

Analysis and management of the financial risk within the Romanian business framework

Author: Marilena MIRONIUC

Pages: 82-93 | Full text (PDF)

Statistical analysis of the stock change cycles and the business cycles: The case of Romania, France and UE-15

Authors: Viorica CHIRILĂ, Ciprian CHIRILĂ

Pages: 94-107 | Full text (PDF)

Specific aspects of the training, use and cost of labour in the travel industry

Author: Ion TALABĂ

Pages: 108-119 | Full text (PDF)

The structuring of socio-economic information at micro-zone level: A necessity for the public administration’s decisional system

Authors: Ciprian Ionel TURTUREAN

Pages: 120-125 | Full text (PDF)

La dinámica ondularia en la economía periférica (The wave dynamics in the peripheral economy)

Author: Alexandr BOBRÓVNIKOV

Pages: 126-143 | Full text (PDF)

Marketing strategy and quality management for educational programs: A case study

Author: Corneliu MUNTEANU

Pages: 144-155 | Full text (PDF)

Debts’ conversion into shares as a sanitation method for the Romanian economy

Author: Valeriu DORNESCU

Pages: 156-161 | Full text (PDF)

Assisting decision-making at regional level using the pentagon method

Author: Ciprian Ionel ALECU

Pages: 162-169 | Full text (PDF)

The “endemic” corruption

Author: Valeriu DORNESCU

Pages: 170-175 | Full text (PDF)

Remarks on the modelling of economic uncertainty by using fuzzy intervals

Author: Ciprian Ionel ALECU

Pages: 176-185 | Full text (PDF)

Alecsandru Puiu Tacu, creator de școală (Alecsandru Puiu Tacu: Founder of a school of thought)

Authors: Tedor PĂDURARU, Mihai HAIVAS

Pages: 187-189 | Full text (PDF)

Centenar Nicolae Georgescu-Roengen (1906-1994) (Centenary of Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen (1906-1994))

Author: Alexandru TRIFU

Pages: 189-194 | Full text (PDF)