ECS – VOLUME no. 8-9/1999-2000

Establishing new enterprises, with special reference to young entrepreneurs

Authors: Mario G.R. Pagliacci

Pages: 5-11 | Full text (PDF)

Analysis of profitableness under the influence of both cost dynamics and volume of production

Authors: Alecsandru Puiu Tacu

Pages: 17-23 | Full text (PDF)

Multicriterial decisions with fuzzy weights

Authors: Mihai Haivas

Pages: 25-36 | Full text (PDF)

New approaches in the enterprise financing theory

Authors: Gheorghe Sandu, Aurel Burciu

Pages: 37-40 | Full text (PDF)

From the compromise theory to the pecking order theory – Comparisons and interpretations

Authors: Gheorghe Sandu, Aurel Burciu

Pages: 41-46 | Full text (PDF)

A new era for co-operation

Authors: Krisztina-Melinda Dobay

Pages: 47-60 | Full text (PDF)

The fundamentation of decisions of linear programming type through fuzzy systems

Authors: Ovidiu Gherasim

Pages: 61-77 | Full text (PDF)

Simulation of the simple and irreducible production systems

Authors: Dorian Vlădeanu

Pages: 79-90 | Full text (PDF)

Entropy of state, fundamental parameter to the diagnosis of social and productive systems

Authors: Dorian Vlădeanu

Pages: 91-96 | Full text (PDF)

The vulnerability of tourism

Authors: Ion Talaba

Pages: 99-106 | Full text (PDF)

Farm accountancy data network structures in the European Union and possible variants for Romania

Authors: Cristian Romeo Hoțea

Pages: 107-115 | Full text (PDF)

Proposals concerning the bookkeeping at the level of small farms

Authors: Cristian Romeo Hoțea

Pages: 117-121 | Full text (PDF)

The initiation and development of modem co-operative organizations

Authors: Kris Ztin A-Melinda Dobay

Pages: 123-133 | Full text (PDF)

Implementation modes of tourism in the Romanian rural area

Authors: Daniela Matei

Pages: 135-144 | Full text (PDF)